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Praying Through a Crisis

Posted by on Nov 7, 2014

No one wants to be in crisis—but crisis is unavoidable. Trouble will come to all of us on this earthly journey. Job 5:7 gives an interesting picture of that fact: “Yet man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly ...

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Reach Over

LifeApps: Wednesday Evenings

Posted by on Jun 22, 2014

Every Wednesday evening at 7pm people from 18 to 99 years old meet in individual homes for a time together for worship, prayer, encouragement, Bible, and visiting. There’s...

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Who Is ‘Us’?

Posted by on Nov 2, 2014

How would you ever measure your love for your city? How you define the word “us” may help. “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11) the Spirit stopped me, and the question came: “Who is in your ‘us’?”

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How to Pray for People You Love

Posted by on Nov 23, 2014

Pastor Keith talks today about praying for the people that mean the most to us, using the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) as a reference: Matthew 6:9-13. He shares the 5 things he most wants for them to learn...

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